"A New Tradition in Funeral Service"


Saddler Funeral Home and Crematory Services
Our modern facility that is located at 130 Trousdale Ferry Pike in Lebanon Tennessee. It is a place for your family and friends to come together to celebrate, honor and share memories of your loved ones.

Designing Your Funeral
We ask you to consider how you wish to celebrate and honor the life.
A funeral or memorial service. You can have your service anywhere or anyway you want.

Burial or Cremation
At our facility we do both. We respect your wishes of either burial or cremation. 
Once you decide we can help you to move on the the next step. Details of caskets & vaults and the desired cemetery if you have chosen burial, and If you decide on cremation we will give you details on our different urns.

Saddler Funeral Cremation Lebanon TN

130 Trousdale Ferry Pike
Lebanon, TN 37087
(615) 444-9494

Burial Caskets


Cremation Caskets


Cremation Urns